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Is Affordable Health Care “Obamacare”, courting disaster? ©

There are so many sophisticated, liberal, arrogant, progressive, known as (SLAP’s), that believe they are so much more superior in intellect to everyone else, I’m sure they wonder why the rest of us even continue to exist. Now you might ask, why would I make such a statement. My response to this is that actions speak volumes about their  attitude. You may notice that well mannered conservatives attempting to make reasonable arguments tend to get shouted down by those self anointed intelligencia, the important SLAP’s.

To be clear about SLAP’s, many are my friends. My observation is that when they are losing their position in a discussion they resort to shouting, character assassination, debasing us as individuals or walking away. In some cases, this applies to some of my conservative friends, although only rarely. We can examine issues and usually remain open to understand and sometimes can adjust our thinking when the argument is valid. I did have one Email instance where I shared my oppositions comments with over 700 people on my list. I was immediately asked by that person to remove him from my Emails. Now, I personally would never ask to be removed from someone’s Email. I appreciate their interest in my thoughts and me in theirs.

Such is the case with The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). If memory serves me correctly, when the Obamacare law was challenged at the U S Supreme Court, the government lawyers argued that the law was a fee charged for the service. The Supremes decided it was a tax and therefore Constitutional.

Recently, Brad, one of those attendees at the weekly men’s breakfast at the Nugget raised the issue about the law being Constitutional. His premise was this: The Government argued the law was a fee not a tax. To everyone’s surprise, the “Supremes” declared it was the reverse,  not a fee but a tax. Brad contends that if the law was passed as a fee and in reality is declared a tax, then the original law was not Constitutional. It needed to go back to the House and Senate for further study as a tax, to make sure the law is correct. Congress only can pass taxes.

He could be right, but it seems, no one cares. I mean, if a law is passed and the “Supremes” declare the law is not what it is claimed to be by government, is it valid? Was it passed under false pretenses?

Is the law fair? Is it reasonable to force citizens to participate, who do not need or desire a government program?  Is it proper to have a collection agency, namely the IRS, involved in seizing your savings, checking or payroll check to force participation?

Then there is the argument that the law was passed by both houses of Congress. True, but wrong. It was passed by the Democrat party acting as Dictators over the minority party in both houses. It was passed by one party without being read and if you wanted to know what was in it, you could read it after it was passed, “away from the fog of the controversy.”

Each part of government is given legal power under the Constitution so that even minorities can affect the outcome of legislation. This power includes the right to prevent spending on programs passed by one parties overwhelming one sided power as we saw in ‘Obamacare’.

The Government is not shut down. President Obama is shutting down selected services to give pain to the citizens. He still has all his perks and so does Congress. Billions keep rolling in and essential services continue. Government is not shut down.

As for the 800,000 or so employees, they most likely have reserves such as savings and their retirement plans to draw on while the Democrats, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Progressives continue their “we won’t negotiate ploy.” It is disgraceful for them to lie continually about WHO HAS SHUT DOWN GOVERNMENT SERVICES. EVERYONE KNOWS IT’S OBAMA AND THE “WE WON’T NEGOTIATE DEMOCRATS”

These liars need to be punished for their transgressions and insincerity, their push to bankrupt this country by debasing the currency, constant borrowing to give money to foreign countries, and living way beyond our means to pay. It’s been said that we are borrowing a million dollars a minute to support our borrowing habit.

In your personal budgeting are you using credit cards, car loans, pulling money out of your home through a refinance and other borrowing? Oh it doesn’t seem like much in the beginning. The payments seem manageable enough. What happens if you keep borrowing and increasing those loan payments?  It’s called the ‘break uneven’ point. The place where payments exceed income so far that crash is imminent. The end result is usually a total disruption in lifestyle, sometimes divorce and possible bankruptcy.

The public is acting as if government debt has nothing to do with them. As if it’s coming from Obama’s stash. His stash?  Just who do you, the public, think will have to pay back the million dollars a day your Federal Government has been borrowing. Maybe you should ask John Maynard Keynes, the darling of the Progressive movement. Then learn about Fiat Money, Fractional Banking and Money Mechanics. Maybe at this point your eyes have glazed over. If you’re still here, read about Zimbabwe, Argentina, Greece, Italy and Japans finances.

Finally, for this discussion, has anyone in government come forward to claim they know at what point all our borrowing will reach its limit, where the citizens can no longer pay for it?  What you get is, there’s nothing to see here, keep working. Well I believe we have reached the 100% number when we compare today’s taxes as compared to taxation in 1955. For today, it is sufficient to say the sky isn’t falling but the truth can be worse. Ask Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and every big spending Democrat. There are also some Republicans like John McCain and John Boehner.  Jacob J. Lew Secretary of the Treasury might be a source of information. Why is there no concern at CNN, CNBC, CBS, MSNBC. The Kings clothes look wonderful, but once you seek the truth, you might in fact, see that the King has no clothes.

More on that in a future column.

Andrew Alberti Jr