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Who and what is the government? ©

First we need to destroy our Democracy. We need to crush it like a grape. Every utterance about our Democracy needs to be removed. Fahrenheit 451 could be used as an example. Especially since I, as one sole individual I am offended by the use of Democracy to refer to the United States Government.

Perhaps a more reasonable approach, rather than burning all the books and records would be to do a “find and replace” software search so Democracy could be replaced by the correct term, “Republic.” It is a Republic. Get used to it. Learn the truth and bury that Democracy thing. Once you get the hang of it you may find that all sorts of opportunities present themselves. We are not and never have been Democratic. Get over it. We are a Republic. We have representatives elected, not government by mob rule in a Democracy. That exists only in the educated but misinformed. Or Does it?

This is a conversation that is long overdue. When you are trapped in the forest or lost in the desert you need to reconnoiter to determine your position. You can determine east and west by observing the rising and setting sun. Thus you can determine the four points on the compass, if you had one. Even without a compass there are other techniques one could use to determine a direction to travel in order that a safe place can be found.

Now I suggest we reconnoiter to establish who and what the government is. How do you feel about your neighbors, your friends and  strangers? Would you feel comfortable giving them your savings to put in their bank account to hold until you need it back? Would you buy a bridge from them? Here’s my point. Government may be your friend in sheep’s or wolves clothing. We are taught to trust government to do what is best for the citizens. So lets see how this works.

In 1913 when the income tax law was passed the fear of setting a ceiling of 10% was described as setting a target to be achieved. Today the maximum income tax is 39%. Thank you neighbors.

When Social security was proposed, it was feared that the Social security number would be used as a National I  D program. My social security card says not for identification. Then the words issued from a government bureaucrat, are your papers in order, SS number? I can tell you the response I received from a bureaucrat. It is not an I D. We cannot do that. We however cannot prevent a business from using it. Oh yeah? Try leaving it off your tax return.

Then came the Great Society. Whatever its first intention, I still remember Nelson D. Rockefeller, Governor of New York making the pronouncement that New York was going to show the rest of the country how a welfare system should work. The next picture was two Jamaican women on TV claiming they were owed those benefits and refusing to go to work. Today the size of this program has become a no need to work law, those of us who do work will take care of you. By the way, what’s your social Security number?

How old were you when you learned that everyone lied to you about Santa Claus, the Easter bunny or “I’m from the government, I’m here to help you.” You may laugh about this but these lies came from your neighbors, your friends and those in charge of your life and destiny. Just like my citations above.

Now those who fought the war to keep our country free are denied by the President, access to a Washington monument erected to honor them while advocates for amnesty for illegal aliens are given free access.

These days there is a movement afoot by radicals (Good Guys) in this great land that want to claim this is not a Democracy while President Obama refers to this great Democracy, Harry Reid, John Boehner, and many followers some might refer to as leaders, will refer to our Democracy. Even the so-called purveyors of truth in the “main stream media” use the term, our Democracy, never our Republic. These radicals have the nerve to read the written words that established this government, the founding documents which describe what was created. And ignore the truth.  What could they be thinking? We should shout them down. Imprison them. Ridicule and mock them for even daring to bring forth such beliefs as they espouse.

But wait, it is a Republic, whatever that is. I found this out, and much more, when I went back and read the United States Constitution at the age of forty. The real radicals are the liars, your friends and neighbors,  professing this to be Democracy.

A Democracy is mob rule.

Blacks law defines a “ Republic, n. A system of government in which the people hold sovereign power and elect representatives who exercise that power.  It contrasts on the one hand with a pure democracy, in which the people or community as an organized whole wields the sovereign power of government, and on the other with the rule of one person (such as a king or dictator) or of an elite group (such as an oligarchy, aristocracy, or junta). WE ARE A REPUBLIC, GET OVER IT!

In that regard, whenever Obama, Reid decide they will negotiate with Bohner, they need  to televise their negotiations. Then, and only then can the American people see which of their  neighbors they can trust.

Andrew Alberti Jr