Title: What should we do about 2014.   ©

First, before we get in to that, we need a review of 2013 and everything good and bad from everyone

on the receiving end of local government mandates.

Valley Electric has managed to make so much money and do everything right that they can still deliver electricity. Even if the electricity is now costing over 11 cents per kilowatt when it used to be .07 cents. So what if Garkane energy in Utah is providing electricity to its customers at 7.5 cents per kilowatt and drop it down to six cents when they use 1,000 kilowatts or more. So what if the “CEO” is making over $300,000 including benefits. I also appreciate the VEA Ambassadors whose job it is to tell us all about the miracles we get from having electricity. I’m not complaining just pointing out a few things not listed in the Ruralite news. Finally I will thank the courteous, knowledgeable and efficient employees who toil to keep everything running like clock work. Thank you.

Next I acknowlege the Pahrump Town board members who have been instrumental in the effort to deplete the towns coffers by buying boilerplate consultant reports for Harley world, Alien encounter parks, water parks and the newly paved parking lot at the Fairgrounds. Please, lets not forget the excitement, suspense and entertainment provided by the Town Board at their meetings. Special thanks to Dave Stevens for telling it like it is at the meetings. It is especially heartwarming to see that the board wants to hear from the public and urges them to attend, only to dislike what they hear and at times demands someone be removed from the audience.

My hat goes of to the Goldsteins. The idea to recall Amy Riches is beneficial to the community. It keeps them busy while real work proceeds like incorporation efforts, Tax increases on the unemployed, welfare and retirement community in the town, so the Town can maintain its financial house in order, while not reducing services. While I’m on services, have you all have seen the sign along highway 160 touting all the things Pahrump is responsible to do. The sign makes it look like they are indispensable while at one end of the sign is a tiny list of Nye County responsibilities as though to insinuate the town does more than the County, perhaps three times as much if you read the signs information and Make a comparison.

Just so you know the county is responsible for roads, economic development, Building and safety, property records and assessments, the recording of public records documents, the legal requirements and services to the courts, the Law enforcement in support of the Sheriffs department and most of all, drum roll please, Keeping ex commissioner Joni Eastley in charge of the County north of Pahrump.

Lest we forget the Commissioners who wanted to buy a water utility worth $25,000,000.00 when it was offered for only $5,000,000. It had appraised for 1.8 million in 2008 the peak of the real estate market values. If not for public out cry, the warning about Greeks bearing gifts, the taxpayers would have been saddled with this white elephant.

One memory in particular that remains with me is Commissioner Wichman supporting the repairs to the Manhattan water system. The County had already spent 1.7 million supporting the system for the 70 souls who live there. When it failed to provide safe water the county provided bottled water which it turns out has no standards and can contain arsenic and other potential contaminants. It’s usually not spring water or well water but purified and enriched city water. As a matter of fact, many of those in Manhattan have point of use filters at the faucet for drinking which can remove harmful contaminants.

Much more cost effective than purifying all the water including that used to water lawns, gardens, car

washing etc and let us not forget the all important bath and shower.

By now I bet you think, can there be any more good news? One more. A district Attorneys office where it seems to take forever,,, forever being several years, to resolve cases. Some running four or more years. Can a case be reduced for less than $5,000.00? The efficiency Brian Kunzi brings to the office of District Attorney is exemplified by two important cases with Assessor Shirley Matson. One having to do with putting a manila envelope on the side of a government vehicle and the other over mailing a letter supposedly sent by human resources addressed to Clark County FBI for their Grand Jury. There has been no mention of the County mishandling the chain of evidence supposedly in that mailer. Wouldn’t you like to know what was in it and also why the FBI took an interest when they

snubbed their noses at check fraud against the Assessors offices bank account as nothing since no harm was done? I would also like to know why someone at the DA’s office called the Pahrump Valley times to cover the story when there was no story other than a brazen attempt to smear the reputation of the Assessor, Shirley Matson.

While I’m on Matson, I hope she files formal complaints against the employees who are doing private business transactions on county time and also charging for notary services during working hours and not turning those funds over to the Treasurer.

This was a great year for corruption and while we wait for the election campaigns to begin in 2014 let us all celebrate Christmas, the birth of a commoner who has provided a guide for the world, Christian and Muslim alike (although some may not see it that way) to seek peace among all who would bring honesty and integrity to the masses and individually to each other. May God bless you all and may we all seek truth, light and the American way in 2014. Merry Christmas and have a Happy and safe New Years Eve which in case you missed it the acronym is NYE.

Andrew Alberti Jr