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Whats wrong in Nye County? ©

Sometimes I read news that looks more like made up, evil fantasy stories. There are Times when the Pahrump Valley is exposed to such misleading, thoughtless and destructive news reports to the Town and County that one has to ask, WHAT’S WRONG IN NYE COUNTY?

Democrats and some elected officials are working their destructive machinations in an effort to destroy the reputation of the independently elected County Assessor, Shirley Matson. What I am about to reveal is true, only it has never been reported until today.

If one thing really makes me mad, it’s when things are not true, such as, we are on the third largest aquifer in the country. It was a lie told so many times that the Chamber of Commerce, The Town of Pahrump and the Realtors spread the lie. The truth is we are not even the third largest in the State. It had been told so often there are still residents who believe that today. I was instrumental in having it removed from their lexicon.

Here is something I find absolutely weird. The Assessor, Treasurer, Sheriff, District Attorney and Recorder are elected to serve the people. They are given office space much like a rented space and are responsible for it and the equipment in it. They also are assigned employees from the county employee pool. They have to use these people even if, as the manager, they feel some should be reassigned to a different department. They are also responsible for the integrity of the office equipment. There is a Nye County policy that allows the county full control over the employees and equipment in the offices. They can even remove equipment, with no replacements and no reason. These officials answer to the State, yet  County Human Resources has them listed as managers of their departments as though Human Resources has authority over an elected official. They do not.

Now on to Shirley Matson, the elected Assessor. The truth now, as I see it, is that there have been ongoing attacks by County insiders with perverted interests who were unhappy with the way the election turned out. So it looks as if these insiders looked for ways to harass the Assessor in an attempt to drive her out of office.

Where was Shirley Matson when the Mexican entrepreneur, Jesse Rock, was forced by the County to abandon his business on Emery Street. She was attending a press conference along with six additional Caucasion citizens speaking out in support of Jesse and supporting him against the bullies in Nye County government who were forcing him out. Yep, the woman you call racist was defending and supporting a legal Mexican citizen. There was no Stephanie Lopez, no Sheriff, no District Attorney, no Mexicans and no Commissioners. Only those six, including me, were there. The Pahrump Valley Times often cuts out parts of the news picture taken of the six of us, including Matson, and uses it when they write about any of us. You can always tell by the Chevy Venture van in the background. Check out last Friday’s article. For Shirley it was about injustice to a Mexican man, a Veteran, who was being abused by government in Nye County. The real racists never showed up for Jesse.

The first attack on Shirley Matson was when she asked the Sheriff to check that all the workers constructing the County jail were legal. When the Assessor asked the Sheriff to look in to it, things got hot and heavy between them. I recently learned that A&A Masonry wound up pulling seven workers off the job after the issue came to light. Shouldn’t someone have checked to see who had been replaced and why. Also interesting is A&A Masonry is next door to Stephanie Lopez’s residence, the irritatingly boisterous Democrat antagonist to Matson. There is a tie between these two.

Now fast forward to the present. There is a County policy that the elected official is the manager of their department? According to written County policy, the employee shall call in if sick at least fifteen minutes before work starts. The manager, according to County Policy, is to be privy to the employees reason for being out. What has happened is we find Human Resources Manager, Danelle Shamrell, running interference for the employee. She has written to the Assessor asserting that she is not to communicate with a county employee who is using all of her 420 hours of sick time.  As a concerned manager, she should, as our elected representative, call any of her sick employees to see how they are feeling and when they might be returning for work.

There is an employee in Tonopah using County equipment to run a little business, on County time, with Pahrump County employees, using County mails, the transport service and all while we are paying her a salary.

The employees in the Tonopah office were setting their own work schedules. All this and more have dogged the assessor since she took office.

County policy specifies the manager has authority to go through employee work stations. It is actually a requirement to be sure there is no contraband of any kind. The employees complain that work space inspections happen. It is actually the responsible thing to do according to Nye County policy.

Matt Ward knows the names of these employees and Ms. Shamrell needs to have a hearing to review the ethics and County policy violations by these public servants. The real question is who is the County employee who provided Matt Ward with the identities of these individuals and why?

The actions of some employees are reasons for dismissal, Union or no Union. Yet Human Resources Manager, Danelle Shamrell, protects these dissident employees and has actually been known to run interference between the Assessor who is the manager and the employee. Commissioners, get on the ball and do your duty. Call for a thorough investigation and review of these corrupt shenanigans.   It’s time to clean up Nye County.

Andrew Alberti Jr