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Is fraud acceptable in Nye County? ©

All the headlines lately center around a purported confidential computer disk, sitting on top of the mail pile at the Assessors office, where the bulk mail machine sits for all of  the county offices to use. It is accessible to employees in the office, and other offices as well. The mail, marked for the  FBI, was out in the open so shirley Matson, the Assessor, made sure the envelope made it to the mail by taking it directly to the Post Office. For this she was by harassed.

An accusation of mail theft by an employee in the Assessors office caused quite a stir. We still don’t know who called the PVT and no one else. Especially the half truths their editor writes as news. After all, shouldn’t this be approached in a more subdued manner until the facts are established? Oh, don’t forget, elections are coming next year and David Roberts apparently sponsored by appointed District Court Judge Kimberly Wanker will be running for the assessor seat.

As a comparison I seek an answer on the following: This is the case of fraud regarding checks written against the Assessors government bank account at Nevada State Bank, shortly after Shirley Matson won election. There were at least eight of these checks that came to light.

Each check was written for $3,200.00. They were sent through U S mails and surfaced in Lowell Massachusetts, Canton Ohio, California, and Minden Nevada to name a few. The checks had random check numbers, Looked like official Nye County checks and appeared to have the signature of Shirley Matson. A true forgery as Mrs Matson has demonstrated.

The first thought that comes to mind is that it looks like an inside job. Quite plausible when you look back over Mrs. Matson’s travails while she has represented ‘we the taxpayers’, (see last weeks column). These checks looked authentic. It was the diligence of those agencies that received these checks as the reason they were discovered and stopped before they were processed at the bank. Also receiving calls about these checks were three employees in the Assessors office.

A letter accompanied the checks. It read, “Brian Nassar, 5771 Lockwood drive, Waterford, Mi, 48039.

We have been instructed by your boss Mr. Frank Harvey to contact you as a result of the debt we are owing the company. As soon as you have received this payment at hand, I would like you to contact your boss Mr. Frank Harvey via Email: ( or give him a call on this cell phone number (213) 437-6057 and confirm to him that you have received the payment so that you can get further instructions from him. It’s important that you contact him via new e-mail or give him a call.  Sincerely, Nye County Assessor, Enclosure.”

If all these checks, at least those known, were processed it would have been a minimum of $26,000.00.

In order to protect another attempt at stealing funds, Mrs. Matson closed the account and transferred all funds to a new account.

Mrs. Matson provided written notice to the District attorneys office through Deputy D A Tim Sutton on June 26, 2012 about the situation. A further “Voluntary written Statement” was also provided to Detective Close in the D A’s office here in Pahrump.

There has bee silence on this crime of attempting to steal tax money, forgery of the Assessors signature, sending fraudulent checks across state line, fraud using the internet and possibly an attempt by local entities to create an environment of incompetence on the part of the assessor.

Mrs Matson also notified the Postal fraud agency with no results.

To the best of my knowledge there has been a lack of concern and enthusiasm in the District attorneys office to pursue the perpetrators. Several people including Matt Ward have commented there was no damage done so what’s the big deal? While we look at this, I wonder if the previous District Attorney made restitution for the County car he rolled while intoxicated?

I refer you back again to the events of the day. Two FBI agents, Sheriffs, The District Attorney and others raid the Assessors office, seize the computers and make a big spectacle in only the Pahrump Valley Times,  over a lousy piece of mail, claimed to be evidence for a Grand Jury in Las Vegas, that securely made it to the post office? If it was so important why was the chain of evidence broken by sending this vital evidence through the regular mails, not even certified return receipt requested. Who is responsible for that? Maybe the contents were not as confidential as is being claimed. Only the writer, the D A, the Sheriff and Matt Ward really know.

Get real folks. This is more of the same antics by those who lost the election. Don’t fall for all this nonsense. It’s time for a Grand Jury in Nye county, or one called by the State. Why would we be sending Nye County business to a Clark County Grand Jury. If the District Attorney has dirty hands then it is the state who needs to call for the Grand Jury on behalf of the citizens of Nye county. Now!

Andrew Alberti Jr