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Nov 07, 2013

Title: How is government best served by the people?  ©

In the past, I have written about moving the County seat to Pahrump. There are excellent reasons to do this. Think about leaving your vacation home empty. According to the County Comptrollers web site, here is how we in Pahrump can examine the bills and payments of Nye county Government.

Pursuant to NRS 354.210 the original and any duplicate or copy of each bill, including , without limitation, the amount of the bill, the name of the person to whom such allowance is made and for what such allowance is made, or any other document that supports a transaction, the amount of which is shown in the statement published pursuant to this section, is a public record that is, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 239 of NRS, available for inspection and copying by any person and may be viewed at the:  Office of the Comptroller

1114 Globemallow Lane, Tonopah, NV 89049,  (775) 482 8186.

Many citizens may not know this, but every check written by Nye County is posted on the County Treasurers web site. This includes expenses, paychecks for Pahrump and the County. This disclosure is mandated by law. Now maybe you do not care about how the money is spent. After all you elected one of the five Nye county Commissioners to make policy and ensure your tax money is used wisely.

Now when you see the checks that were written there is something missing. The purpose of the expense. You may see the line item explanation but not the actual purpose. To do this you have to travel to Tonopah where the population of 3,000 has approximately 105 people employed by the County. The published figures from Nye county Planning shows in excess of 38,000 people in Pahrump. The tail is wagging the dog.

With all of the technology available today the office has been very accommodating and will provide information by several means including Email. Still, it's much more personal to know the individual face to face that is  helping you.

Some officials like The County Recorder, Assessor, and Treasurer maintain two offices, Pahrump and Tonopah. These elected officials have to manage a remote office by whatever means they can muster. I can tell you that some Tonopah employees in the past had decided to schedule their own working hours, conducted their personal business using County assets and refuse to communicate with their immediate supervisor, choosing to have the Human Resources Manager run interference for them. You the taxpayers are paying them and rewarding these antics by providing excellent benefits and pay. These types of situations can promote fraud and abuse in the services to taxpayers.

Nye County, by law, requires that once per month, the Commissioners shall meet in Tonopah. There are times when it appears, this is used as a convenient way to pass unpopular legislation without having to face the unruly mob of so called dissidents in Pahrump. These dissidents have the gall to read and research their information, bring it to the meeting and appear to be ignored by some of the Commissioners.

Have you ever wanted to bid on a home in a trustees sale? No problem, just a short drive to Tonopah. Legally, as I understand it, all Trustee sales have to be conducted in Tonopah. Perhaps having the County seat in Pahrump would bring more bidders resulting in better results.

One thing I found odd was that Pahrump has no one in the family services for child support. Tonopah has five people. There are roughly 3,000 people in Tonopah and the population count on the Planning web site is 38,000. I truly cant explain the reason for this but wouldnt it seem more practical to have this department in Pahrump?

I can understand the citizens of Tonopah resisting the change of location for the County seat. Yet when it was moved from Belmont to Tonopah the rationale was that the substantial portion of population was in Tonopah. Well now its in Pahrump and it would seem the public might be better served with the change.

So how many employees are actually in Tonopah. A review of the most recent figures indicates about 105. The question then becomes how many would be relocated to Pahrump. Difficult to tell without an organization chart showing the employee count in Tonopah.

Andrew Alberti Jr