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Why did you move to Pahrump ©

The question is why did you move to Pahrump. Yes, it’s all about you, isn’t it? Well the answer to that question is yes and no. I can guess what you’re thinking. Here comes another politician talking through both sides of his mouth at the same time. Well no, it’s not. What interest me is why people move to Pahrump.

Ever since 2001 when I first visited Pahrump I had this almost magnetic attraction to move here. It just seemed that there was something here I couldn’t resist. My wife and I visited Pahrump every second weekend for almost a year before we made the transition from Chino Hills California. I guess there were several factors. Open space, the mountain views, the third largest aquifer in the country, all the seeming freedoms to live life, my vision of fresh food from my garden, clean air, water directly from a well and such nice friendly people. Even the seeming lower cost to live here.  Maybe it was my memories of childhood revisited or Eddie Albert’s comedy TV series Green acres.

Most of all there was this magnet thing. So this brings me to all about you. Whenever I meet new people, whether they are here a long time or new arrivals I ask the same question. Why did you decide to move here.  Who or what was the driving force?

It seems that by far the majority of those who wanted to be here came because the husbands or the men in the family wanted it. Often I heard, “I came here because my husband wanted it. It was my husband. I didn’t really have much enthusiasm for it but I came here because he wanted it.”

The tricky part now is why people moved here and now are dissatisfied with the life style. What happened?  Didn’t they notice we didn’t have a wide variety of places to shop? Didn’t they ask themselves what their kids would do for entertainment or stuff like that? Where is Kohls, the movie theater, the Harbor Freight, Olive Garden, where is the bus, the Hospital, the jobs. How come there are so many old people here. What were they thinking.

Didn’t they realize that the things they had in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago did not exist here?

Even worse, didn’t they ask what kind of government exists here? My guess is probably not. Too often you hear complaints that the town needs to fix the roads or the town needs to put a stop light at the corner of (pick an intersection) or my utility bill is too high, why doesn’t the town do something about that? They can’t The issue of lack of knowledge by new arrivals on this and other subjects is so pervasive that the town recently put out a sign to show where they had responsibility. My money says that mainly those who already know the answer will be the ones who read the sign.  

Back to the question of why you moved here. In the past I have heard that this was a place where people came to disappear. Money problems, getting away from the law, becoming invisible for all kinds of reasons. Those days are gone now.

I have met numerous wives who were brought here, albeit willingly, whose husbands died just a couple of years later and they were left here alone, without family. Yes there are instances where the wives wanted to come here but that seemed to be a minority.

Now to go off the deep end of the pool. I have a theory. It goes back to ancient civilizations and the pyramids. There are scientists who postulate that pyramids were power generators, consolidating energies emanating inside the earth and channeling them in the pyramid structures. There seems to be evidence of scorching on the interior walls of tunnel paths in some of the pyramids, as though from some form of as yet undetermined power source. Part of this comes from growing knowledge of electric fields and where they are in the earth.

Water flowing through limestone rock underground creates an electric charge. Hard water is typically due to water in limestone. Quartz also has electric properties. There is an abundance of these three here, water, limestone and quartz. Poof dirt doesn’t count.

So could there be a low level field of some kind that men sense and that gives them a sense of well being or even more powerful, a magnetic disruption of their sense of well being? Remember when you met your spouse and your eyes locked on to each other? Could this be something like that?

My friend Vern who came here to live but now does not, in deference to his wife, a wonderful magnanimous gesture or maybe just bowing to family pressures and the need for better shopping,

He suggested I develop a scientific paper about this phenomenon and called it” THE DYNAMIC ALKALINE EFFECT ON HUMAN COGNITION”

Do you have something to share that might help develop this theory? You can Email to me.  If you do, then perhaps the scientific research will really be all about you.

Andrew Alberti