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2004 JAN

TRAFFIC IN PAHRUMP WAS BRUTAL THIS WEEK.  A truck loaded with garage doors spilled its load on highway 372 and blocked traffic for hours. An enterprising citizen who lives at the site, recognized a splendid opportunity, summoned a crack crew of super skilled local contractors.  

Using sophisticated modern transportation and manufacturing techniques, they gathered up all the doors and constructed an enclosure to be used as a barrier to hide highway 372 from view in case of future mishaps.

Using his remote and some unique garage door construction, this unusual fence gives one of our residents quick, easy access to busy highway 372 from anywhere on his property.

The local board is considering an ordinance to encourage this colorful time and energy saving method of highway access. Local environmentalists have rallied around the concept and have written President Bush asking for a similar system to be used for California freeways thus eliminating expensive, dangerous on and off ramps, known in Germany as asugangs and ausfarts.