Nye County is the third largest county in the United States.  

It is about 60 miles North west of Las Vegas and next to the California border.One of the towns in Nye County is called Pahrump.  

That’s where I live.The population is roughly 37,000 people almost all of whom live in single story homes.

Years ago I came to Pahrump out of curiosity about this oddly named town.  It felt like I belonged here.The feeling was one of openness without restriction. Freedom to be me. It was here that I met Oscar.

It was Oscar who coined the phrase for Pahrump as “THE LAST FREE AMERICAN TOWN”.

It has been adopted by me, a part of my lexicon, and reflects the feeling of many others who have settled here.

Oscar had originally emigrated from Italy to New York. He had expected it to be like the west of years gone by.  It was not.  As he traveled through these United States he eventually arrived in Pahrump where he experienced that same sense of personal freedom, just as I did.

Freedom is what made the United States different from every other place in the world.Our founders pledged their lives, their personal fortunes and their sacred honor to our freedoms and our Constitution.

My commitment to the position of Nye County Clerk will be the same. I  have committed to, this just as our forefathers did, along with fellow candidatesPahrump Town Board Anthony Greco, Frank Maurizio,  Warren Pawliuk Nye County Clerk Andrew (Andy) Alberti Jr and Nye County Assessor Shirley Matson  

Join us by offering your support, both moral and financial in the way of a contribution towards our campaigns and showing your confidence in us to do what is right by voting for us in June.

Any contribution will be greatly appreciated and very carefully applied to our campaigns.