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Schinhofen statement   (The other reason to travel to Tonopah once a month? It is where the meeting is being held - by NRS.)

Correct Dan..This is exactly the point. Four Commissioners traveling along with staff such as County manager, District Attorney, Public works etc is also additional cost versus one Commissioner, Lorinda Wichman, traveling to Pahrump, which she does anyway. When I say cost, I mean taxes, the taxpayers money, not yours . The NRS needs to be revised to place the location at the population center, Pahrump.

Schinhofen statement   His argument about not having to have the second meeting of the month in Tonopah if we moved the county seat really took a lot of space up. We have, in the past, held our second meeting in Beatty, Amargosa and other places. When we did, people in Pahrump were mad because we didn't hold them here. We could hold the second meeting in any other town if we moved the county seat to Pahrump, but with Tonopah centrally located, why would we choose Sunnyside or Gabbs for the second meeting? (No disrespect intended to those towns.)

There is only one mandated location for county meetings…The County seat.

Schinhofen statement   So while Tom says that I was being "footloose and fancy-free" with my facts, I am still waiting for any facts that would make me want to move the county seat. The fact that still does not seem to make it through to Tom is that while we may not be called a "town board" we are the governing board for the town of Pahrump as the people voted for and the town did not go away, as Tom asserted more than once that it would. Arguably, it is now running better and saving money.

Right..Remember Joni Eastley warning we will not be happy if the County takes charge of the town? Things are running better in Pahrump now, or so he says. Who woulda thunk it.

Schinhofen statement   (I think I hear open letter 386 being written.)

Right once more..Yes you do and this may be it.

Finally, finally, we have maintained this huge land mass of a county for more than 150 years without having to split it up because of its size. With the computer age now in full swing I think it would be a big mistake to throw up our hands now and declare our county is too large to handle. If they could make it work in the last two centuries then why in the world, with all the advantages we have now, can't we?

Commissioner Schinhofen..We are the only County in the entire United States operating in this fashion. Either they all have it wrong or you do. We haven’t made the change yet, I suppose, because it’s a power struggle between good governance and raw power.

Schinhofen statement   Let's stop this us and them nonsense and the victim attitudes and just work together for the common good of ALL of the citizens of this county.

Dan Schinhofen is a Nye County commissioner. His vision of nonsense is important to the citizens.


I’ll close with a comment made by Commissioner Schinhofen at a meeting of the Republican Party here in Pahrump. He got up in front of the assemblage and urged them to stop speaking bad about things that go on in Nye county. It makes us look bad.

At that point I rose up and informed him that if the County would stop doing those bad things we would stop talking about them.

Well Dan, in conclusion,  if the issues we talk about are true they are not nonsense. It is exactly the opposite.

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