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Be careful what you ask for on county seat move By Dan Schinhofen

Special to the Pahrump Valley Times

My response to Commissioner Schinhofen:   Commissioner Schinhofen is wrong on so many fronts he should file for disability, or has he. First let me be perfectly clear. Tom is not heading this effort. I am along with ClesSaunders. I appreciate his confirming our position to move the County seat. Thank you Tom.

Our informal group has worked on this issue since January 01, 2015. What follows is Commissioner Schinhofens letter and my response, item by item.

Schinhofen statement   Tom Waters had open letter number 385 (or something like that) in the PV Times last week and decided that my facts were wrong. Why he didn't mention that the board unanimously decided not to put moving the county seat on the ballot mystifies me. He only takes issue with my statements even when another commissioner repeated my statements. Wrong

Fact - Repeat an untruth often enough and it can remarkably become a trueism, but still not the truth. Can you say third largest aquifer in the country?

Schinhofen statement   As stated, there is an NRS that shows how to get this issue before the people and if these people who think moving the county seat is a panacea, then by all means get the petition up and bring it to the county commission. Before you sign it you may want to understand better what I did or did not say and why I think it is a bad idea.  Dan is Wrong..

Fact - Commissioners have the power to place a referendum on the ballot. There is plenty of time for the issue to be discussed, evaluated, financials presented and questions answered. Then a fully informed electorate will judge the issue. As it stands now, your Commissioners want you to believe they have done all of this. All they have done in public is tell us they know better and who the hell do we think we are anyway.

Schinhofen statement   Tom stated that population should determine where the county seat is and that usually state capitals are in the center of the state. Carson City is by no stretch of the imagination the middle of our state. While Tonopah, constantly being referred to as "north", is actually better defined as in the center of the county. Above Tonopah is a lot of land mass and many towns, like Round Mountain, Sunnyside, Belmont, Gabbs, Smoky Valley (upper and lower) Railroad Valley and more. Dan is Wrong..

Fact - The issue is financial first. There are two larger counties than Nye. They both have their center of government in the population centers. They do not travel anywhere for their regular meetings. The Counties of San Bernardino and Riverside meet in their main city. There are over 3,000 counties in the United States and you commissioners are so intellectually gifted above them that you believe the center of government should be as far from the population as possible.

Schinhofen statement   Population he says should determine county seats and names a few examples. I grew up in Orange County and Anaheim is now more populated than Santa Ana, but Santa Ana remains the county seat. Dan is Wrong...again

Fact -  I lived in Orange County and was active on their Republican Central Committee Assembly district 70.  Orange County extends south all the way to Dana Point. Their Seat of government is in almost the northern most part of the County in Santa Ana which I might add has a very large population.

Schinhofen statement   The county seat should only be moved if it would save money or if the town hosting it were going under. Ione and then Belmont quickly became ghost towns and so were replaced by Tonopah.

Tonopah is not going under and in fact has a few new businesses to boast of.

Fact - So they are not in need of being the County seat. Did it ever occur to you that consolidating government and lowering costs that there just might be a benefit to all citizens of the County, including Tonopah?

Schinhofen statement   As for revenue and population: better than 50 percent of our revenue comes from "the north" while 80% of the population is down here. (And demand for services.)  

Dan is Wrong..some more

Fact - The revenue he refers to is County revenue, not Tonopah revenue. In fact it is generated in Round Mountain which is in Round Mountain, County territory, not Tonopah. The County Comissioners decide how to best allocate this money for the benefit of the entire County. Dan and Lorinda Wichman would have you believe that because revenue is derived from a certain locale that the county should allocate all of that funding back to its source. It doesn’t work that way and if it did, the Round Mountain taxes would all go back to Round Mountain, Not Joni Eastley’s buds in Tonopah.

Schinhofen statement   If we continue to make an issue of 'North and South" it is very likely that the people in the upper portion of this county could petition to split the county. If that were to happen they could afford it and we couldn't so what would the state most likely do? Well, creating another county would require a constitutional amendment and creating a bankrupt county would never happen so I hope you like Clark County because that is where we are most likely to be headed. (Be careful what you ask for.) Wrong again..

Fact - This comment is a repeat of Joni Eastly’s comment when she was a Commissioner and the citizens pushed to disband the town board for acting outside of the citizens best interest. In fact this particular statement sounds very much like Ex Commissioner Eastley wrote it. Didn’t he just make a comment about north and south in his statement on revenue?        Page 2 0f 3

Andys 2013 column

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