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Schinhofen statement   Without showing any facts Tom and his friends think moving the county seat would save money. Wrong again..!

Fact - oh this is so wrong..We do have facts but the commissioners did not want to hear or see them. All you have to do is watch the meeting on Granicus. Here is an example. Since the County seat is in Tonopah the law does not mandate that the County jail be located there. It has a capacity for 80 inmates. It has only 40 beds in an 80 person capacity jail and is there to serve a population of about 5,000 citizens. You are lucky if there are 20 of those citizens in that jail. In fact they used to shuttle prisoners from Pahrump to the Tonopah jail when we didn’t have enough space in Pahrump. With the new Pahrump jail this is not necessary. The last figure I have for operating the Tonopah jail was $1.2 million. Now they have decided to use the Tonopah jail as a holding facility and budgeted $400,000. Commissioners Schinhofen or Wichman should tell us how many prisoners are currently housed in the Tonopah jail as of August 01, 2015. In fact why not give out jail population figures for the past four years along with the operational costs including meals, Deputies, clerical staff, maintenance, inmatemedical, etc. That would be so interesting!Here is the actual law…

     NRS 211.010  County to maintain county jail; location; agreements for detention of prisoners.

     1.  Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, at least one county jail must be built or provided in each county, and maintained in good repair at the expense of the county. The county jail required by this section is not required to be located in conjunction with the office of the sheriff that is maintained at the county seat if the board of county commissioners determines that a different location in the county would better serve the needs of the county. Upon such a determination, the county jail may be located at any place in the county.

     2.  The board of county commissioners of a county, with the concurrence of the sheriff, may enter into an agreement with any other county or city in this State, in accordance with the provisions of NRS 277.080 to 277.180, inclusive, for the construction, operation or maintenance of a jail or the detention of the prisoners of the county...

Schinhofen statement   How would it do that since we have already cut staffing levels up there to the bare minimum and moved the finance department down here to Pahrump? Even the jail has been cut down to a holding facility. Services would still need to be provided for the people north of Tonopah and so I see no savings there. Wrong some more…

Fact - Like the proverbial Ostrich Dan has his head buried in the sand so he doesn’t have to look at the facts. Again watch Granicus. He and Lorinda along with the entire board have not given any opportunity for deliberation on this subject. They just told us flat out that only they know the truth and we should trust them. Commissioners you should read the Nevada law known as the NRS, short for Nevada Revised Statutes. The purpose in governing is very specific in its definitions. To do the peoples business and at your public meetings to deliberate and discuss before you decide. At the meeting when we presented our proposal there was no deliberation on any issues to move the County seat.

Maybe it's just this "us and them" thing or the pride of saying, "I live in the county seat" that appeals to them. It doesn't take much imagination to see that if this did become the county seat the "incorporation" crowd would be back telling us we need to be a city. (No wonder Tom supports it.) Wrong again..

This is so absurd it shouts of desperation.

Schinhofen statement   Finally, Tom praises a commissioner for not going to the Tonopah meetings and in the same breath tells you all that the commissioners are "county" positions and once again tries to make his point that Pahrump has no local representation. Wrong..

Fact - The Commissioner should know better. As I heard it with both of my own good ears. The original reason for not going to Tonopah for meetings was for security, safety and self preservation. It’s a long stretch of unlit deserted road for anyone, especially a woman alone, to be placed in jeopardy at night on that highway.

First, four of the five of us live in Pahrump, so we are local. Second, driving to Tonopah once a month to check on issues that, as "county" commissioners, we should be aware of is not a waste of money - it's part of our job. Wrong

Fact - The reason there is a Commissioner for each district is for representation. Lorinda Wichman as the Commissioner for District 5 can easily present issues for her district to the other four Commissioners for consideration. It is unnecessary for four other Commissioners to joy ride to Tonopah monthly so they would understand the needs in District five. Those trips are not free, the taxpayers are paying for it. Many feel that unpopular decisions affecting Pahrump are made away from the main population there.

Schinhofen statement   I often meet with voters up there and check into items of concern like the slime wash, (which is now being worked on) sidewalk fixes and animal shelter issues, just to name a few. The "savings" by not traveling is overshadowed by the inattention to those citizens not living in Pahrump and the inconvenience of not all being in the same room while we deliberate the issues. (How many times have we had internet issues and delays because we choose not to all be in one place.) If the "northern" commissioner didn't show up in Pahrump but once a year I am sure this same group would not be praising her for saving money, but rather excoriating her because she didn't care about the south. Wrong again

WOW! Did he just admit that he goes in to another commissioners district of responsibility to meet with citizens alone? Isn’t Commissioner Wichman able to do this? I’m sure she is quite able to meet with her constituents or are you suggesting another reason they need to talk meet with you?  Go to Page 3 of 3

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