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Andys column in the mirror

Jan 02

Do we dare mention the “C” word

Jan 09

Again I ask what cant you see

Jan 16

Why on earth did I go to CES in Vegas

Jan 23

The Gutenberg story

Jan 30

Am I offended by Karl and Marsha Goldstein

Feb 06

Law or Rule of law

Feb 13

Whats the deal about school

Feb 20

What’s the big deal about water

Feb 27

Are you part of the problem

Mar 06

Should you register to vote

Mar 13

Reporting the invisible

Mar 20

Whats the big deal about a job

Mar 27

Where would you go for advice

Apr 03

What if you owned a company

Apr 10

Who is the enemy

Apr 17

Is this a chickensh*t story

Apr 24

Can we take America Back, yes we can

May 01

Has the Fed lied about land control

May 08

Can I share my incredible business card

May 15

Grand Jury what’s that all about

May 22

Can you believe this

May 29

Can’t we get better government than this

Jun 05

Why is Brian Kunzi prosecuting case

Jun 12

Do I have my parents memories

Jun 19

Should our election system get a tweak

Jun 26

Constitution make your eyes glaze over

Jul 03

Does mind control exist

Jul 10

No column for this day

Jul 17

Who or what do you trust

July 24

July 31



Feb 15

Assessor targeted by Nye County D A

Mar 05

Corruption the gift that keeps on giving

May 07

You’re not going to believe this