June 06, 2002 the City of Chino inaugurated their RENEWABLE ENERGY FACILITY which turns dairy waste, supplied by the local dairies,  into useable energy. Fuel for the plant is generated by processing cow manure into methane. The methane gas,  when burned, drives a series of large and small, relatively quiet turbines, attached to electrical generators. The actual facility for handling the biomass is just a few blocks away.

  Disposal of dairy waste and other waste products are a major  problem as populations increase. Processing cow manure, available in abundance from the many dairies in the area, into methane is one solution. These innovations can mean efficient disposal of this waste, especially if it can be used to produce energy and compost as well. The plant is initially able to produce one  megawatt of electricity and is scheduled for higher production as capacity is increased. As of now it will produce enough energy to operate the city's desalting plant which is also at the site.  

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