Mail to Andy               SEPT 27, 2006    FOCUS GROUP

IIntro John and Mark.    Project has been very controversial.  Appreciation for appearing on the show  

Many people are not familiar with the company’s function in the development process.

Who is Focus?    What have they done in the past?     Where are your other projects similar to Pahrump.  In your other projects, over a 5 and 10 year period, how  have they fared.    What are you looking to build, why and who will we expect to move here?  

Focus and its home builder clientele

Are the 4,000 sq ft lots cast in stone.

What is your vision for the community  in the next 5 and 10 years

What are your thoughts on how we should handle this expansion. 

What will be included in the master plan? -- schools, parks, etc.   

Water -- is there enough water available for these homes   

Density -- what is the density for the project and why are 4000 square foot units included?  

Traffic – Adding 35,000 residents in the next 10 years, not just focus but others also

Las Vegas commuters and highway 160 will see much growth in 10 years.

Thoughts on this issue 

Economic development -- what can Focus do, as a developer, to help the community broaden its business base, and help add well paying jobs to the community?    

What sorts of employment possibilities will develop.

How will the project improve the earnings for existing citizens.

How do locals contact the company for jobs with them and future home construction companies.

Since there isn’t much light or heavy industry here, is there any plan to bring industry and jobs to support the increase in population.

This is a fair question and I wouldn’t ask it just of focus. It needs to be addressed to every project for the town and county.

I would like to explore their vision for Pahrump in the next 5 years.

They are the largest developer in Pahrump. There are many things they will affect.

At what point will your participation with Pahrump be completed

The economy has used real estate and growth as its foundation and now shows signs of slowing.

What happens if a slow market affects the ability to move homes.