The Last Free American Town

  Our Founding Fathers were very careful to protect us from involuntary direct taxes such as the income tax. Few states had a property tax.

  Later Congress created a citizenship of fictitious persons for the freed slaves, immigrants, and new state-created corporations. The new XIV Amendment is a pivotal point in history little understood by the citizens.

  These days there are too many flesh and blood people in prison for not paying an income tax?

  Later then came the U.S. Supreme Court in the 1945 case of Hooven and Allison Co. v Evatt, 324 U. S. 652, explained here.

  Claim your AMERICAN RIGHTS in the United States given to us by our FOUNDING FATHERS.

  This book is about how it works and more: You file a W-4 Form signing it under penalty of perjury. Then you sign the tax return, again under penalty of perjury.

   Although the IRS does nothing to clarify the law, they do respect and follow the law.

   “Free At Last”, is a book with the best Supreme Court rulings related to taxes. Understanding that knowledge is power only if you use it.

   That’s what this book is about.



Marvin Lee Robey


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