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Title: Would you like to try our Christmas? ©

How do you feel about the coming Christmas Holiday. Really, really how do you feel about it? Did you put up a Christmas tree, shopped til you dropped., bought into the Santa Claus as the reason for this holiday, put up your Christmas lights? Or are you of the opinion that its just another Holiday? If that’s your cup of tea then this religious holiday means you should not have any time off from work since there is no reason for you to celebrate anything at that time. It’s just another day.

If I correctly understand the atheist position, their religion is that there is no creator and religious beliefs are not to be tolerated. I am asking you, please demonstrate the conviction of your beliefs by treating the next few weeks, especially December 25, as just another day in your life. I will help you by not inviting you to participate in one of the most significant events in world history, the celebration of one who has changed living as we know it today and by example is the basis for love of one another and examples of living a good life.

In our home we celebrate Christmas and I confess I am forced by tradition to give and receive gifts, bah humbug. Call me cheap if you will but Santa coming down the chimney? Oh please. I love my parents but they lied to me about Santa and I found out when, on the way home from school. I overheard another older student tell another one “there is no Santa”. In my head I resolved to keep my secret that I now knew the truth because I felt the presents would stop once this tidbit came out of the closet. It worked until I was 12.

As an adult I look at Christmas as a renewal of my beliefs and have long professed that the it is more about  celebrating the birth of Christ and what he brought to all of us than the issues about our existence. How to live in harmony as well as we can.

We have been far from family for a long time. They are all in New York. So our celebration has changed but we still maintain the tradition of family and friends at Christmas. We cook our home made pirogi, boil kielbasa and enjoy the reason for this holiday. Many of those who participated with us in our Christmas meal have responded in future years that they enjoyed it so much they now do it as well. So here is a snapshot of our Alberti family Christmas. It goes back to my previous column about Grandma Albertis gathering of the family at her apartment.

We provide the raw materials and everyone helps prepare the meal. The food will stay warm in a pan just by the nature of cooking. This consists of making the dough, preparing the different fillings, cooking and then then dinner. For us it is not just fun it is a memory savored for the future where life continues and we keep our friends and family close. If you want to try our family Christmas meal, here is the recipie and a picture of the kids helping prepare dinner.






without whose efforts I would not be here

My wife JoAnne and family who gather to

make this a fun event in celebration of Christmas and family


5 or 6 Large potatoes, 1 Large onion

1/2 lb Cream Cheese

1 lb large curd cottage cheese

Peel, boil, drain and mash the potatoes.

Saute' 1 large onion in butter (chopped fine)

Blend in ½ lb cream cheese, 1 lb Large

curd cottage cheese & the sauteed onion.

Salt and pepper to taste



2 cups flour or 1½ lb

1 cup water

Put flour in a large bowl

Add water a little at a time

Mix until soft and doughy

Add 1 egg and more flour if necessary

Knead until pliable

Roll thin like a pie crust or thinner

Cut circles with a tin can

Hold the circle of dough in hand and stuff with potato. Crimp edges with a fork.


Put in boiling water until they rise to the top.

Drain and keep from sticking together

Next either pan fry in butter or pour

butter over them to eat.

Serve warm with sour cream and kielbasa

Other popular stuffings are sauerkraut, prune or anything you think might taste good.

Andrew Alberti Jr