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Title: Where would you go for advice? ©

Do you ever get the feeling that there is something different in the air? I mean, those of us who have years of experience in life, sometimes referred to in Italian terms as being ‘long in the tooth’, do you feel things are getting a bit weird? Our society and it seems the world in general has a different opinion of the ‘long tooth crowd’. Youth is looked on as being the desirable asset and in some instances it certainly is.

When you’re young, everything works better. Things like vision, hearing, recovery from minor injuries, memory, and other youthful facets do work better. Even the ability to learn operates at a higher capacity. So absolutely there are good reasons to aggrandize the condition of youth.

There is however, something that is missing from my list. They are experience and judgement. Yes, there, I’ve said it, youth may provide many things, but what is lacking in youth are those life experiences that can only belong to the aged and experienced individuals in the ‘long tooth gang’. At the age of forty we have lived and experienced 14,600 days of life. At the age of 60 it is 21,900 days and at 80 it is 29,200 days.

Now youth at age 10 has experienced 3,650 days, at 15 it is 5,475 and at 20 it is 7,300 days. Actually, until the age of five you spent 1,825 day just learning to coordinate your extremities, speak something we could understand and other basics to prepare to control basic things. It burns my butt to hear kids and young adults espouse that their parents don’t understand anything. To me, it is about time for the adults in the room to wise up and take back their rightful place in the pecking order of society.

Before we get too far in to this I’m not saying everyone ‘long in the tooth’ is smart, they are however experienced. To clarify this, long n tooth having had extensive life experiences doesn’t mean they all have learned from them. Some just keep making the same mistakes and expecting different results. I’m sure everyone knows someone like that. Hopefully in youth you observe and avoid the problem areas and adapt to the successful parts.

Lets take an example. The hormones are raging in your body as a teenager. It’s all new to you and very powerful urges are making themselves known to you. Suddenly, one day a problem comes to light. You’re sixteen and pregnant. You face three choices, abort or as some would say, kill it in its early stage of life, give birth to the baby or give it up for adoption. Now I bet you have no previous experience with that issue. As a youth, it’s normal to trust your own instincts or judgement. Of course, based on the days of experience you have, those I provided above, that turns out to be tougher than it may first appear. That’s when those with previous experience with this issue are very important.

Whenever I’m faced with a problem, I seek out others who have been there, done that. In the case of babies, If you approach people who have been through the three levels of experience and learn from them. I am confident there would be much to learn and hearing from the different approaches will lead you, hopefully the best choice.

I bet you’re screaming about how to pay for the baby if you have no money. Well, there’s a government program for that. Simply stated, just go down to your local welfare office and get paid. Now you know something new. The more babies you have the more help you can get. But what if you abort your baby because you recognize the difficulty an early child presents. You may think the issue is ver. Ah, it is not, because someone else has decided to live off your hard work and has become a baby factory. It is because you have just learned that it will be you who will pay for the other persons baby mill. They will get to stay home, have indiscriminate multiple fathers, many of whom will ignore their parental responsibility. This must mean that you actually had four choices which you could have learned from others who had been in the same boat.

Hold on you say, there is a fifth choice. I could have the baby and let Mom and Dad take on the responsibility of raising little Fauntleroy, while you go on about your efforts to become a responsible adult. Well I have 26,960 days experience. I’ve seen almost all the above scenarios, personally experienced none of them. The part that I have learned from my contacts with everyone who had experience is this: If you want to be a ward of the government you will live by the rules of people who don’t know you and you will be at their mercy. If you want to soar with the Eagles then the choice should be one of flight from unprepared parenthood.

Now for the adults in the room. I keep hearing great dissatisfaction with life as it is today, when actually it’s pretty good. There is more a family can have today than ever before. I see more free stuff offered as inducements for you to shop at various businesses and to vote for stuff the government will take from someone else and give it to you. The only time this will be troubling is when government takes it from you, reducing the money you worked so hard to earn and give it to someone else who has an attitude of Entitlement.

Well, this isn’t really about babies, it’s about bringing respect to older people you know and listening to their guidance. I always say the greatest invention of humans was record keeping. The second was the records stored in each persons mind, generation after generation, regrettably not often put in writing, but accessible if you ask.

Andrew Alberti Jr