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Who is our enemy? Do you know? ©

The TV show was, “Enemies of the state”. It sure sounds intriguing. True to its name, the show concerned itself with serious problems people face when confronted the United States Federal Government and some of its agencies. The interviewer spoke with four different people that headed up companies in the west. The first was about a cattle rancher in Northern Nevada involved in the now famous Sagebrush Rebellion. The Hage family purchased land for their Cattle business named Pine Creek Ranch. It included rights to graze cattle on public lands from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) including the rights to water.

In 1982 the BLM came to their ranch and like the bully Government has become, attempted to destroy their business by forcing them off the lands that were entitled under contract. To save costs, the son became a lawyer. He fought them at every turn, winning judgements in two Federal Courts. The BLM is continuing to harass and bully this hard working family using the power and unlimited resources of our Government until they will destroy them. Can you guess who the enemy is?

Then there is the company manufacturing Gibson Guitars. They used legally purchased wood from a foreign country that was used in manufacturing guitars. Armed Homeland Security Agents came in to the company, with guns drawn, seized the wood and virtually shut the company down. Gibson did find another source for the wood. Meanwhile these agents have harassed and bullied this famous company even though there was no complaint from those who monitored the transaction here and abroad that any laws were violated. Fish and Wild life said no politics were involved. Ha, what a farce.

Next was a company located in North Dakota using Fracking in the Bakken reserves to produce low cost energy from shale deep under the ground. The Environmental protection agency shut them down over the death of one bird on an endangered species list that died in a settling pond.

Lastly was Catherine Engelbrecht President of ‘True The Vote’. Catherine started two conservative groups. She was investigated by the IRS, ATF and the FBI. Her company manufactured oil field equipment. Although they had a license to manufacture guns, they did not. As has been typical, the big government advocates delayed her application, investigated her company and even investigated her family personally. In each of these stories one thing remained consistent. When the government becomes your enemy, they will not quit until you are either destroyed or they drag things out until you die.

The host commented that there are so many laws, everyone violates at least one law every day. He should have added that the laws are selectively enforced. There appears to be two separate and competing interests when it comes to government and the citizens. We are fast approaching a crossroads between these two entities. Some believe in smaller government. They are losing this battle to the big government advocates. The evidence is all around you. First is the ever increasing demands for more money by government to do ‘good works’ for

the citizens.

As an example of this I’ll cite the increase in handouts and free benefits for not working. Families, mother, wife, kids are getting government jobs. This amounts to favoritism in hiring to the exclusion of the general population. Complaints are ignored at the state level. There are rules against working for your wife or husband. Called consanguinity. Human Resources are careful to spread the employees around so they work in areas not controlled by the relative. Now comes the kicker. Everyone gets in on picking of the taxpayers pockets, retirement pay far above the typical citizens benefits and wages in the private sector jobs.

Now these outrageous numbers are being exposed on a website called ‘Transparent Nevada’. Even more egregious, are special favors and treatment afforded these corrupt individuals. This is evident from the presidency on down. The citizens have become but chattel, a resource to be mined for the benefit of the demands by those in Government. Taxes must always be increased, employee lists grow and management levels expand along with unreasonable benefits far beyond those of the citizenry. The evolution of a more vocal citizenry opposing this government opulence has created an ‘us against them’ mentality.

The TV show mentioned at the beginning of this column cites four evil and corrupt stories of this contest of wills. They are a small portion of stories about the corruption in government from the top down. Although there are pockets of true devotion in service to the public, the rest of the bureaucracy is out of control. At every turn they attempt to operate in secrecy. If that was not the case why was it necessary for Congress to pass the ‘Freedom of Information Act’ and for Nevada to add the ‘Nevada Public Records Act’. Even though these Laws exist, your ‘servants’ still hide many of their activities from view. In Nevada, a challenge to an official government refusal to provide information, the best you can do is challenge it in court. If you prevail you might get your costs reimbursed.

There are no penalties for the governments refusal. Things are so top to bottom corrupt, dare I say evil, that businesses are careful to be compliant lest government take actions to destroy not only the individuals but also the businesses. Oh, but what can I do, some may whine. Here is the answer. Listen to the activists who preach limited government, for they have become the watchdogs of unreasonable and overbearing power of government.

So who is the enemy. It depends on who you are. Government now sees the citizens as their enemy. People now see through the farce of the career politician. It was never intended to exist. The citizens are beginning to see government, bloated, overbearing, and corrupt. They say government needs to be shrunk and integrity returned to the system. Even the revered Harry Reid lies at the podium in the Senate.

Now, who is the enemy? The answer comes from Pogo. Don’t ask who the enemy is, it is us.

Andrew Alberti Jr