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Title: Can I share my INCREDIBLE business card? ©

I’m sure we have all had experiences during our time on this earth which endure through time. Sometimes they may seem minor in nature at the time and yet somehow they endure. Such is the case with my ‘INCREDIBLE’ business card. It was given to me in jest 40 years ago and yet its message has stayed with me till This day.

I also still have my official membership card in the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF TURTLES of which I appointed myself as the Imperial Turtle and run the POMPTONIAN NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS previously located in Placentia, California.

The Turtles originally began as an informal "drinking club" between World War II pilots, self-described as "an honorable drinking fraternity composed of ladies and gentlemen of the highest morals and good character, who are never vulgar." There are several questions a candidate had to answer correctly to determine their moral character, thus becoming a Turtle. The questions were usually asked in the presence of others. An example of one question was, “What is round and hard, has hair around it, and when sticking out of a mans pajamas he can hang his hat on it?”

Now my incredible business card should give rise to this question. What happens when you submit a Nevada Public Records Act request (NPRAR). Well in some cases the government agency may say they do not need to sign a receipt including the date showing when they have received the request. Usually you will get a written reply quickly but still documentation is important.

Other times the response is verbal which leaves the requestor no proof of the response. The last option is no response, leaving the requestor with only a court filing to get the information. Interestingly there are no penalties that the law allows when government loses in court. You however, as a citizen are permitted to recover your court cost. Incredible!

I was interested in the documentation about the raid on the Assessors office where her computers were seized from her office and home, analyzed for five days. What did they find and what reports were made. The District attorney, Sheriff and FBI were involved in the raid. It was reported in the Pahrump Valley Times.

To my point now. I submitted a Nevada Public Records Act Request (NPRAR) to District Attorney, Brian Kunzi. He received my request but refused to sign a receipt so I could document my submission. To his credit, he did respond to my requests within 24 hours. Twice. The last response was that he did not have any public documents which leads me to ask, do you have document any that are not public?

The Sheriff department responded quickly also and signed a receipt. No documents there at all and they were just along for the show, in a support position role.

I submitted a Federal Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request to the FBI in Washington D. C.. They responded by mail that they would search their records. No estimate of when the information might be available. My similar request to the FBI office in Las Vegas included a NPRAR since they were on Nevada soil and Nevada has laws about public access. I also called the FBI office in Las Vegas and was told the Agent in Charge would not talk to me but someone would call me the next day. No calls ever, no response ever and I find this incredible! I so trust government coming forth with the truth, or at least a believable response.

Since I am getting responses where there is denial of any record keeping for such a public and aggressive event by law enforcement I have to ask, why isn’t there anything to document their involvement. This occurred on a work period, during daytime, by paid staff and an elected official participating in the raid.

Even more incriminating is the fact that the D. A. told Sheree Stringer, now a declared candidate for Assessor and Manuela Chase to stay at the office to be interviewed by the FBI. It seems they were the two employees who were in the office at the time the so called call was made to the FBI.

Why is there no documentation from local law enforcement that was on the scene and participating in the raid. In fact there should be something to record who was on County property, seizing County assets and holding them for analysis. It would seem we have some fish mongers allowing the fish to ripen through lack of attention to details and good procedural record keeping so now the fish are beginning to stink from the head down.

I am publicly, through this writing , suggesting there needs to be written reports on this event from everyone involved. Don’t give them to me, give them to the County Commissioners. The Commissioners should be gravely concerned about what has gone on here and seek the truth. They need to call for a Grand Jury over this issue and a few others that have occurred here.

If they fail to make the call and deliver the requested documents, then they do not deserve to represent the citizens of Nye County. All of this may not seem to you to be deserving of the business card at the top of this column and if it doesn’t, then the second two words on the business card should apply. It is ‘INCREDIBLE....formerly bullshit’ that there is no documentation. Lets see the facts.

The answer to the turtle question is, his head. But of course, being of good moral character, you knew the correct answer.

Andrew Alberti Jr