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Should our election system get a tweak? ©

I find that the best time to write about an event is one week before and immediately following. Writing before,

brings the issues as they currently exist and writing after says loads about how they were perceived. Voting

during off year elections is perceived as of lower importance than the presidential election years. Don’t you

believe it.

Off year elections are more important because they focus on electing people to office that are more readily

accessible to the citizens and fill seats to change the power structure of the political party.

In this case it is about the election process. A review of this years primary is interesting from several points of

view. In almost every contest in the Primary, the incumbent won. Curiously, the incumbents in Nye County,

Commissioner Dan Schinhofen and Commissioner Andrew Borasky have been active supporters of advancing

the continued construction of new homes. This in itself is no crime and one needs to question why they are

allowing this when they are warning the citizens of our drastic, critical and dangerous water situation.

Now for those who arrived here in the last several years, you may be unaware that a lie had been perpetrated on

Pahrump buyers about the availability of water. The Town published a book which claimed we were on the

third largest aquifer in the Country. It was in the Chamber of Commerce literature and Realtors touted and

promoted the lie. Hell, Spalding Realty, whom I respected, gave me the same speal. Now we are to believe we

are in a drastic water condition requiring the County to declare a coming water emergency and attempt to steal

water originally entitled to the owners of each one acre residential lot with its own well. Until the water truth is

known, I agree with others, there needs to be a halt to all expansion of residential housing.

Right now the main reason for the attempt to steal residential water is to allow building developers to line their

pockets using our water and new home buyers money.

There is a long list of offenses by the Commissioners involving ignoring the restriction preventing the

placement of a prison in the center of town, The fake hiring process of Joni Eastley as Assistant County

Manager. oh! I digress, lets get back to the Primary election.

Why vote. Frankly, many of you shouldn’t vote because you are ill informed about the issues, in many cases

you get your information third and fourth hand. You knew what was here when you arrived. You have come

here with full knowledge of the area and now complain there is nothing for your kids to do, there isn’t enough

shopping or some other ailment you can dream up.

It gets tiring to watch elected officials encourage citizens to attend meeetings, volunteer time and then line

these committees with yes men that have agendas for their own selfish benefits.

Frankly it is a huge advantage to the incumbents to run for re-election. They control the agenda, they control

who are favorite sons, they get news coverage far above their competition and they have gained a reputation for

getting that pothole fixed on your street.

In the beginning of this great country, the framers fo the U S Constitution never envisioned career politicians,

serving a full life as an elected official, granting themselves golden parachutes, exempting themselves and their

cronies from laws they write, taking money from private interest to pass legislation and exemptions favoring


In Primary off year elections, there is little interest by the public and yet these times are the most critical to get

fresh blood in to office to represent you. If voter turnout is low, then everyone who votes has a greater impact.

By the opposite, anyone who doesn’t vote gets what they deserve.

Nevada is so stupid they allow a ten day period for early voting and then one day for real voting. This year in

early voting the numbers typically ran at or under 300 voters per day. The manpower and voting machines

available for low turnout voting wastes your tax dollars. This year and others, all votes could have been cast in

one day without breaking a sweat or even forming a line.

If I had my druthers, there would be no more elections. There would be family dynasties to be our overlords.

They could appoint family and friends to positions of importance, dictate laws that were beneficial to them and

best of all, the legal system could prosecute the defenseless, keeping the officers of the court busy, set up drug

courts to expand the reach of the judicial system, setup phony charges to eliminate those annoying outsiders not

part of the family members of the good ol’ boys club.

Well that does it for me. That foolish thing, created by a bunch of old men more than 200 years ago, our

Constitution has caused this mess. The old system must have been better. It’s back again, isn’t it? As you might

surmise, all this exists today, right here in Pahrump and in Nye County. My tweak for the electoral system

would be to save us all the time and money and just go back to the rulers of the Kingdom, as it was staying

home and stop voting. Please.


Andrew Alberti Jr